National Archives Documents, College Park, MD, Branch

This page features links to PDF files containing Organ Pipe documents from the National Archives branch in College Park, Maryland.  A research assistant scanned the documents, and we posted them here, arranged according to the folders that contain them in the archive.  We also wrote brief summaries of each document.

To see the documents, click on the numbered items, which give shortened forms of the title of the original folder.

To see the summaries, click on the bullet items titled “Document Summaries” underneath each numbered item.

Citations for the folders appear in each PDF on the first page.  Citations for each document appear in the document summaries.

General History 1934-42

General (ORPI)


Newspaper Articles

Publications, General

Reports, General, 1940-48

Inspections, General

Geological Report

Organ Pipe Rules

ORPI Reports

Mammals 1941-47

War Emergency

Mining Claims

Repairs, Improvements, Fences

Superintendent Monthly Reports

Public Relations

Protection, Accidents, Injuries, Deaths

Planning and Master Plans

General 1958-59

Annual Forestry Reports, 1950-58

Grazing 1946-59

Geographic Place Names

Special Events, Dedications, Anniversaries