Shaun Brower

I am currently in my senior year here at Colorado State and am majoring in History with a minor in Political Science. I originally chose to take this capstone class as I have always been extremely interested in the National Park System and have taken many courses that were relevant to this one. This course has been an extremely rewarding experience and I have truly cherished working with all of the brilliant individuals in this class. I know that everyone worked extremely hard over the past semester to ensure that all of the content on this website was the absolute best representation of our abilities as writers and historians.  I am very grateful that I got this opportunity to learn so much about Organ Pipe, and hope this site will serve as a beacon of knowledge for anyone looking to conduct future research on Organ Pipe National Monument.


Bates Well Ranch

Gray Family

Tohono O’odham 1916 – Present

Ranching 1937-1978

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