The following people contributed to this project. They conducted the research, wrote the content, compiled the sources and links, edited the writing, and designed the website:

The Students of Senior History Capstone Seminar, Spring 2012, Colorado State University

Whitney Beck, Shaun Brower, Caitlyn Carrillo, Vincent Dowd, Thomas Edgar, Francesca Gentile, Josephine Kohnert, Caitlin Krasner, Dustin Munroe, Gage Patinella, Darryl Plummer, Corey Reinig, Aaron Reistad, Ellen Roth, Sam Schieffelin, Kenneth Shroyer, Patrick Skelly, Seth Vandenberg.

Subsequent to the class that created the site, other students have revised and expanded it.

U.S.-Mexico Borderlands Class, Fall 2012: Brittany Polliard and Ryan Ruegg.

Pilot projects for this website were conducted by students in previous classes:

U.S.-Mexico Borderlands Class, Fall 2010: Cris Aldretti, Sarah Bailly, Nicholas Berry, Lincoln Bradley, John Burke, Elizabeth Christie, Cody Clark, RJ Denney, Vincent Dowd, Stacy Durban, Stacey Fitzpatrick, Andy Flax, Dan Frelly, Stephan Greenway, Shannon LaFleur, Cody Linderholm, Brenden Masters, Caitlin Melby, Andrew Melvin, Jed Meunier, Jessi Meyers, Shannon Middleton, Andrew Morgan, Samy Negasy, Tyler Newlon, Adam Olson, Garett Paukstis, Matt Sanchez, Josh Schriefer, Jason Shelton, Kayla Simmering, Spencer Sorenson, Adrian Stewart, Andrea Tonelli, Peter Weber, Derek Whittemore, David Wood, and Lindsay Zanca.

U.S. Graduate Research Seminar, Spring 2011: Nina Erlich, Nichelle Frank, Jenika Howe, Preston Miller, and Kayla Steele.

U.S. Graduate Research Seminar, Spring, 2013: Asunta Barone, Kim Bauer, Melanie Fleming, Naomi Gerakios Mucci, Amy Halat, Nick Johnson, Zach Lewis, Tessa Moening, Diane Sanders, Joel Scherer, Jacquelyn Stiverson.

Instructor for all classes: Jared Orsi, Associate Professor, Colorado State University.